The unexpected benefits of an Electric Truck in India

Trucks form an essential part of the supply chain. But they contribute significantly to carbon emissions, increasing the pollution levels, especially in the cities. Electric truck in India offer an ideal alternative. In urban delivery routes with lots of stop-and-start driving, electric trucks outperform the traditional diesel-powered counterpart by a big margin.

Many companies that deploy large fleets to take their products to the customers are slowly turning to the numerous benefits of these trucks. And the market is booming as well. According to one estimate, the electric truck market size was valued at $422.5 million in 2019. This figure is projected to reach an astounding $1,893.1 million by2027.

More efficiency

Fleets can accurately calculate how much money they require to deliver under their current business models using diesel trucks. In addition, there are acquisition costs and maintenance cost to take in account. Electric truck in India can be multiple times more efficient that their diesel counterparts in this regard. They offer a cost-effective plan to transfer the same freight.

Longer working hours

It’s clear that electric trucks in India make no noise owing to its clean technology. But this also means that these trucks can be operated at off hours or during night. This can significantly impact businesses in urban congested areas where diesel trucks have a specified time to run on roads. With electric trucks, enterprises have everything they need, and they can plan the day accordingly. Electric trucks can provide more precision to day-to-day supply chain process.

Reduced emission

At a time when clean air and global warmings have become buzzwords in both national and international arena, electric trucks offer a path to a greener future. While heavy-duty trucks comprise only 5% of all vehicles on the road, they generate more than 20% of carbon emissions that comes from the transport sector. Using electric trucks can significantly decrease this number.

Employee satisfaction

Many reports suggest that fleets that consist of electric trucks have higher percentage of satisfied employees. These trucks offer clean energy without compromising on efficiency, speed or technology. Additionally, deploying electric truck in India might have a psychological angle. The idea of driving clean energy technology might help corporates to retain more employees and infuse productivity in their supply chain process.

For a better future

Electric truck in India are being viewed with a renewed interest. As urban areas around the country struggle with vehicular congestion, rising air pollution and skyrocketing prices of diesel, there is a renewed vigor to push electric trucks into the mainstream.

Aiding this push are various startups which work in the areas of clean energy and electric mobility, such as Etrio. Many companies use Etrio’s offering in their fleet. These include Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers, Ikea and may more. Companies such as Etrio are making it easier for the country to realise the dream of electrification of fleet by bringing a wide range of electric truck in India.