If you have been thinking of buying an ebike but hesitant to pull the trigger, now might the perfect time to make that purchase. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we get around on a day-to-day basis. Public transportation is seen as risky. You might consider walking to get errands done. But that can also be time-consuming when you are in a hurry. In such a scenario, ebikes offer an effective solution.

Unlike the market few years ago when consumers had few ebike choices to choose from, the situation now is very different. Numerous ebike companies, such as Etrio, offer a range of ebikes, allowing you make a more informed decision.

Let’s look at all the reasons why an ebike is the go-to mode of transportation in today’s time.

They’re catching on

Ebikes are not new. They have been around for decades, and in some countries, they are the standard mode of transportation. In India, the scenario is a little different. For years, ebikes have been considered a niche segment, with few players offering quality products. This is witnessing a change. According to one report, the electric bikes market in India is expected to reach a value of INR 17.43 billion by 2024. Thanks to numerous players in the sector, the perception regarding ebikes are changing. Most ebike companies are gearing up to introduce a whole lineup of high-tech powerful ebikes. With further improvement in ebike infrastructure, bike riders are slowly starting to come around.

Powerful performance

Generally, ebikes are battery-powered bicycles. When you push the pedals, it engages a small motor that gives you a boost, so you can zip through the road without breaking a sweat. A common outlook amongst consumers is that the battery included in ebikes are not up to the mark. With new ebike entering the markets, this outlook is far from the truth. For ebikes, the main measurement of power is watts (W), volts (V) and amp-hours (Ah). If you look the power ratings of different ebike companies, ebikes offer a powerful performance. As one of the leading ebike companies in India, Etrio’s range of ebikes provide efficient motor power of 250 W. In addition, these ebikes have a maximum range of 80km. Your inter-city movement will be a hassle-free experience with ebikes.

A Boost for Business

For many restaurants and small businesses trying to keep afloat during the pandemic, ebike delivery offers a cost-effective alternative to the traditional delivery services. Employing ebike delivery means more savings for businesses. Additionally, ebike delivery can keep these businesses running while also providing employment to many. With budget ebike price, more workers can be employed as delivery personnel.

Bigger companies such as Flipkart, Grofers, and IKEA are also joining the ranks of organizations that are going for large-scale deployment of ebikes. Take Zomato, for instance. Since 2019, the Indian restaurant aggregator has employed over 15,000 cyclists who are fulfilling 1.7 million deliveries per month on electric or mechanical cycles.

Skip the traffic

Traffic snarls which are common in India’s metropolitan cities, witnessed a slump with the government-mandated COVID-19 lockdown. But with the gradual lifting of the lockdown, the deserted roads are becoming a site of mobility congestion. This is only going to go up. A report suggests that India’s biggest cities might be losing a hopping $22 billion annually to traffic congestion. One of the most appealing advantages of ebikes is that they offer greater mobility. With ebikes, you can escape the morbid traffic blocks and jams. With new ebike offering better specs and features, manoeuvring in static traffic can be a breeze.

A pocket-friendly alternative

The sale of ebikes are booming globally. Purchasing new ebike with a wide range of features is also a budget-friendly option. Even premium ebikes that offer more features won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Various ebike companies offer cost-effective options without compromising on quality and security. If you go for high-end ebikes, various ebike companies offer easy financing options that are easy to repay, and you won’t lose your sleep over the interest rates.

Your contribution to the planet

A typical passenger vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. Rising carbon emission can have catastrophic effect on our clients. When a major chunk of such emissions is a product of diesel/petrol chugging vehicles on road, ebikes offer a safe alternative. ebikes are better for the environment as it uses electric power to push forward. Most ebike batteries Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, where the self-discharge rate is also quite low. As we move ahead, the inclusion of new ebikes with better features and technology will ensure we assist in environmental conservation in the best way possible.

With technological guidance from a dedicated RnD team and a portfolio of projects in the pipeline, E-Trio aims to change the electric vehicle industry in India. Deep technical expertise fuels the E-Trio line of vehicles. Offering the highest standard of safety, maximum noise control and low-cost maintenance, E-Trio is helping electric mobility achieve breakthroughs which drive a greener more sustainable future.

Let’s go shopping!

So where can you buy an ebike that takes care of all your needs while offering the best-in-class features. Nowadays, it is an easier exercise to zero down on your perfect model with so many ebike companies in the market. As a leading manufacturer of ebikes, Etrio offers the best models, customised for your daily needs. From waterproof wiring to at-doorstep service, Etrio makes sure that you have the experience possible.