Paving the future for every electric vehicle in India

The coming decade in India looks electric. There is a lot to gain, both in terms of energy conservation and economic growth, with the adoption of electric vehicles. As per a report by NITI Aayog, accelerated adoption of electric vehicles can lead to savings of $60 billion in petrol and diesel costs. Most importantly, electric vehicles in India have zero tailpipe emissions, are less noisy, and with a tank-to-wheel efficiency of approximately 60-80%, they outperform your conventional cars considerably.

With this in mind, major cities have warmed up to the idea of electric vehicles, while companies who require large fleets are turning to prominent electric vehicle manufacturers in India to aid in their transition.

With the vision to nurture a pollution-free India, E-Trio, the electric vehicle manufacturer in India, aims to augment the rate of adoption of electric vehicles in the country. E-Trio envisions a future where electric mobility is accessible and affordable to everyone.


In the few years since its inception, the company has installed electric kits in vehicles across major cities in India. With a strong foothold in RnD and innovation, E-Trio follows a comprehensive system of retrofitment as well as new electric vehicle manufacturing. While retrofitment focuses on up to 7 years life extension of the vehicle, new vehicles undergo complete New Product Development Lifecycle based on the APQP process. E-Trio works across segments ranging from LCVs, bikes, three-wheelers and cars, providing seamless solutions that merge performance, data and reliability.

A greener future on the horizon

Electric vehicles in India have primarily been a buzzword, despite their significant potential to reduce carbon footprint. When compared to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles have 50% less emissions. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! High Upfront cost, Expensive battery technology and limited charging capabilities still need to be addressed.

To overcome these obstacles, robust product, holistic ecosystem and customized business models are being developed by leading electric vehicle manufacturers in India to help cause a paradigm shift in transportation and logistics.

A three-pronged approach

As one of the foremost electric vehicle companies in India, E-Trio aims to address three areas to lead the change in the automotive sector.


A typical passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. It isn’t just the air quality that is affected by the rising emission of carbon dioxide. Land and oceans also soak up vehicle emissions at an unprecedented rate, leading to an overall degradation to the quality of life.

E-Trio aims to change this by converting combustible vehicles into electric options as well as launching new electric vehicles. E-Trio is also India’s first company to have EV retrofitting certifications from ARAI and ICAT.

Corporate catalyst:

Businesses have a unique opportunity to tap into the potentials of electric vehicles in India to reduce operating costs significantly and infuse sustainability into their business strategy. E-Trio has partnered with some of the leading companies in this segment to provide E-LCVs for cargo services.

Putting lives first:

With innovation at the heart of everything, E-Trio is moving forward with the vision of changing the lives of people. Its comprehensive range of products across diverse segments is easing the lives of delivery executives Being the frontrunner of electric vehicle companies in India, E-trio offers an unmatched promise.

Ensure a cleaner world

Technological and scientific excellence is consistently making electric vehicles economical for the masses to opt for. Compared to the diesel/petrol variants, electric vehicles are economical, besides being environment friendly. E-mobility is the need of the hour. If the catastrophic effects of climate change need to be reversed, then a widespread adoption of electric vehicles is imperative.

With technological guidance from a dedicated RnD team and a portfolio of projects in the pipeline, E-Trio aims to change the electric vehicle industry in India. Deep technical expertise fuels the E-Trio line of vehicles. Offering the highest standard of safety, maximum noise control and low-cost maintenance, E-Trio is helping electric mobility achieve breakthroughs which drive a greener more sustainable future.