The guide to good maintenance for your electric cycle

Electric cycle is an excellent alternative to traditional modes of transportation. With an increased understanding about the repercussions of carbon emissions, E bikes are rapidly becoming the go-to choice amongst consumers. An electric vehicle offers a fun and cost-effective option with a number of health benefits

Whether you are thinking of buying an electric cycle or a proud owner of one, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your e-bike stays in top condition. After all it is a sophisticated piece of technology, and regular maintenance can help you to keep it pedaling for years to come.

Here’s a thorough checklist that will help you.

Keep it clean

Cleaning your electric bike will ensure that your cycle is kept clean of debris and dirt which might block the chain and the motor. Depending on your usage, it is advisable to clean your E bike once a fortnight. To clean your bike, you don’t need any special equipment. However, a proper degreaser will help you to break down the oil in the chain. When you clean your E bike, it is helpful to not use a pressurised hose as this may wear down the electrical equipment and even cause corrosion.

Check the tyre pressure

Just like in four-wheelers, the tyre pressure is an essential component tat you should check to keep your electric cycle running. It is advisable to pump the tyres of your E bike at least once a month, and more if you are looking at an extended journey. Under-inflated tyres contribute to poor performance and often increase the amount of drag of your bike. The battery of your cycle will run more efficiently if the tyres are inflated optimally.

Take care of the battery

The most critical part of your E bike is the battery. It must be charged regularly to ensure that your electric cycle runs smoothly, without any lag. Most bikes offer a battery life of 4 to 5 years. Regular maintenance will make sure that you don’t have to go for an early change. Never let the battery be fully discharged as this may damage the battery altogether. Additionally, avoid extreme temperature

Inspect the basic component

The basic parts of your electric cycle should also be paid attention to. Overlooking the small parts might lead to a bigger problem that can incur more maintenance expenses. Check that the handlebars are secure or not. Make sure that your light reflectors are in working condition and firmly attached. Brake tyres should be in perfect conditions as well. Furthermore, be extra careful if you are removing the back wheel as this is where the motor is placed.

Go for a high-performance electric cycle

When you buy your E bike from leading EV companies such as Etrio, you get the best-in-class models which have gone through a rigorous inspection process. Etrio portfolio in electric bikes include Ashva and iSwitch that caters to the cargo as well as the personal segment. The E bikes offer 80 kms and 35 kms range with a single charge respectively.